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Allentown NJ Water Treatment

Allentown New Jersey has well documented water problems stemming from an excess of iron in the water supply. Kel Tren WaterCare offers affordable water treatment and filtration solutions to efficiently eliminate iron and other contaminants. Based in Hamilton NJ we've provided expert water system installation and services to Allentown for over 35 years.

Iron can exist with conjunction with specific types of bacteria that threaten the cleanliness of your water. It may leave a noticeable biofilm on surfaces in addition to its own otherwise unsightly appearance. Iron tainted water also carries an unappealing metallic taste and can even effect the appearance and taste of foods cooked in effected water. Fortunately, Alltentown's iron problem is correctable with an affordable water treatment system. Call Kel Tren WaterCare for water testing and an array of effective solutions to reduce iron levels in your homes water.
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