Have you had your water tested and the results have shown that you have hard water, bacteria in your water, or another issue that is causing concern for your family drinking the water in your home? The next step to take is getting your water treated. Kel Tren offers a wide range of quality water treatment solutions that can alleviate your water issues. There are many different systems and ways to treat your water in your home or office, and Kel Tren can assist with all of the treatment types.

Water treatment can mean a variety of things depending on your unique home and situation. Your home could need one, or a combination of the following types of water treatment: Water Softening, Water Filtration, or Water Purification. At the end of the day, these types of water treatments are the best way to ensure that your home and family are safe from harmful minerals or bacteria.

If you don’t know the type of treatment that you need, Kel Tren offers a free at home water test to evaluate your individual needs. Rest assured, our professionals will develop a solution that is perfect for your family, so that you have the peace of mind that your home, and most importantly your family are safe.

Water Softening

Hard water can cause multiple long-term effects to your home and family. One way to notice that you have hard water is to see if your faucets often have a white scale build-up that is difficult to remove. Hard water causes a strain on your plumbing throughout your house and could cause the plumbing to deteriorate over time. Additionally, your appliances such as your hot water heater will collect build-up that will cause it to be more inefficient and raise your hot water bill. Lastly, you’ll notice soap scum and residue on your showers and sinks and you will need to use more soap than necessary to clean.

The one and only solution to solve hard water related issues is to install a quality water softener for your whole home. You can solve all your hard water worries with one of our CareSoft® series softeners. Our softeners will efficiently remove the calcium, magnesium, and iron minerals in your water to protect your home and family.

Water Filtration

A water test could have also indicated that you have impurities in your water such as lead, arsenic, or copper. You have many options for water purification throughout your house, and luckily, clean water for your home can be affordable and convenient.

If iron is a problem in your area, or if a water test came back with unusually high iron in your water, then your best solution may be the Ion Pro® series. The Ion Pro® whole house filtration system will remove iron and hydrogen sulfide from your water. This is a great choice if you have either red stains in your showers and sinks or a rotten egg smell. The Ion Pro filtration unit will eliminate a rotten egg smell caused by high levels of hydrogen sulfide and will ensure that those red stains no longer appear.
Another whole house filtration system that can help with various other water issues could be the CareClear Pro® series. CareClear Pro water filters provide a solution to neutralize acidic water, remove chlorine taste and odor throughout the whole house. This system uses a carbon filtration system that will put your mind at ease that your entire house has safe, clean water.

Lastly, if you don’t trust drinking the water that comes directly from your faucet or prefer the taste of bottled water, then the best choice for you is a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system. A RO system will provide you with the same great taste as bottled water, with the convenience of it coming right from a faucet at home, all the while saving your money on expensive bottled water. When you have a WaterCare Clear Flo RO drinking water system, you’ll never have to be concerned about the quality of your drinking water again. Every time you turn your faucet on, you can be assured that you are drinking healthier, fresher water for your family. Your water will taste better, smell better, and even look better. And ultimately, it will be healthier for you.

Water Purification

Lastly, the quality of your drinking water can become contaminated with harmful bacteria. Bacteria in your water can make it unsafe to drink and cause long-term affects to the health of you and your family. The only way to disinfect your water from these harmful bacteria is to install an ultraviolet (UV) light at the point of entry into your home. Our whole house UV systems provide water disinfection to your whole house without the use of chemicals and gives your family the peace of mind that safe drinking water is flowing from every faucet and tap in your home!

No matter the type of treatment needed in your home, Kel Tren can solve your problems. Our certified professionals can come to your home, test your water and figure out the best solution to ensure that your family has safe drinking water throughout your home. Call us today at (609) 888-0053 to schedule your free at home test.

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