If you have tap water in your home, you may wonder if it’s safe enough to drink. This water is monitored through a water company and in many areas, the only water you have access to is in your neighborhood. The short answer is yes, but you are entitled to be skeptical, especially if you notice changes in your water.

Is Tap Water Treated?

Since tap water is regulated by your local water company, you will often smell that it has been treated. There are regulations that these water companies must follow according to the 2015 Safe Drinking Water Act that requires this water to be available and clean. These treatments by the water companies require all the water to go through several filtration systems before it’s available from your tap.

Particles in the Water

The reason the water needs to be treated is that there could be debris, minerals, and other unwanted particles floating in your water. These particles can infect the water and make communities sick if they are not filtered.


As a way to avoid bacteria, viruses, and fungi coming through the water into your home, these water companies are required to disinfect the water with a variety of chemicals. Chlorine is the most commonly used for this process.

How Do I Know It’s Safe?

If your tap water is running clear when you pour it into a glass, and you do not notice any lingering odors, those are signs that your water is safe and is being treated properly. You can even add small filters onto your faucets to run the water through on your own as a security check.

Signs Your Tap Water Isn’t Safe

There are two main signs that something has changed in your drinking water, and you should not consume it.

Unidentified odor
Discolored or cloudy water
Slimy texture

Tap water should not have a smell and if there are bacteria or a high concentration of certain minerals, an odor can develop in the water. Also, water that is cloudy or discolored means that it was not filtered properly and there are unwanted particles within it.

Your water may be clear, but you might notice that you feel slimy after washing your hands or bathing. Run your hands under the water without soap and then dry them off to make sure you do not have lingering soap on your hands. If you still feel sticky, then your water is possibly contaminated.

Feel Secure With Water Purification

If you want one of the leading Philadelphia water treatment options to make your tap water secure, contact Kel Tren WaterCare today. We offer water purification systems in Buck County to give residents peace of mind about their tap water.

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