Scary, right?
Within the past five years, Trenton Water Works (TWW) has been faced with many obstacles. Some of these obstacles include issuing boiling advisories to several municipalities in June 2017, January 2018, September 2019, and as recent as August 2020. Whether it be from aging infrastructure or equipment failure, boiling water for safe consumption is nothing new for area residents.
Mercer Country residents, specifically those who reside in Hamilton Township, Lawrence Township, Ewing Township, and areas of Trenton who are serviced by Trenton Water should be cautious. TWW has issued boiling advisories to residents in the past when chlorination levels have been too low for disinfection, and when quality control issues at treatment facilities arise.

When boiling advisories are issued, there is not much you can do other than of course boil you water or buy store bought bottles. However, we do offer more permanent solutions. If you are concerned about future boiling advisories, we offer two treatment options that will remove contaminants from your water. The first option is a reverse osmosis drinking water system that will remove harmful metals found in drinking water as well as chlorine and fluoride, and the second treatment option is an Ultraviolet (UV) System that will sanitize bacteria found in your water.

Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems and Ultraviolet Systems are two ways that you can protect yourself and your family when boiling advisories are issued. The two systems mentioned above are both safeguards that can not only remove harmful contaminates from your water, but also ensure you have great tasting water at the tap.
For those who are not on municipal water rather are on a private well, it is important to have your water tested every 2-3 years to ensure the well and especially the water is clean and clear of contaminants.

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