If you live in an area with hard water, you should consider having the water softened. While you may not realize it, there are several long-term effects that hard water can have when it is run daily through your home. Below are some of these long-term effects.

Hair and Skin Damage

When you take showers or baths daily, the water you use on your body can have just as much effect as soap, shampoo, and conditioner. The minerals and particles found in hard water have the ability to dry out your skin. When you wash your hair with hard water, it leaves behind a residue. Over time, a film can build up over your scalp and cause unwanted irritation. Folks who suffer from conditions like eczema, unfortunately, see a lot of flare-ups and irritations due to hard water. Also, those who color their hair, especially with bleach will see the color turn after so many washes. Hard water will change the molecules in the hair dye and give it an orange tint.

Less Efficient Appliances

When you run water through your appliances regularly, they can get a build-up of these unwanted particles in hard water. The ice maker and water line in your refrigerator may start to rust because of the excess minerals. Your dishwasher or washing machine may also start to slow down performance after just a few years. A quick inspection of these appliances may show some build-up and even corrosion. In many cases, appliances have to be replaced more often because of hard water.

Dull Clothing

Have you noticed after washing a couple of bright pieces of clothing that they come out of the wash duller than they went in? This is because the hard water is having an adverse effect on the dye, forcing it to fade faster than it would have with soft water. The dye is broken down faster because the hard water has more minerals than expected, which attack the molecules in the dye. This is very similar to how it attacks hair dye and starts changing the color of someone’s hair over time.

Filmy Dishes

Whether you hand wash your dishes or run them through the dishwasher, you will start to notice changes in them if you have hard water. Over time, glass dishes that were once clear when purchased will get a thick film on them. They will appear cloudy, no matter how much you scrub them. This is a build-up from the minerals in the hard water, and it has been building over time, washing these dishes continuously with the water.

Soften Your Water Today

If you noticed that your property has hard water and you want to avoid the potential damage from above, then it is time for a water softener installation in NJ with Kel Tren Water Care. Contact us today for more information about water softening.

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