Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is an artificial chemical used to make Teflon, which is chemically composed similarly to fluorotelomers. This use depletes it to negligible amounts in the resultant chemical formed. PFOA can stay for a long time in the human body and environment, bringing about health concerns. Research shows that it is present globally at low levels in the blood. Communities residing in places where PFOA has contaminated local water have higher blood levels, which you’re also likely to find among people working in plants using it.

Regardless of the quantities, these chemical compounds are sometimes present in food, drinking water, and household dust. Wherever it finds its way into the water, regardless of the source, it influences the durability of your water appliances and can affect your health. Water containing high levels of PFOA or other chemicals can cause rust to your appliances, making them wear fast.

You must ensure that you access clean water free from PFOA or other chemical minerals. It’s imperative to conduct research and invest in solutions that allow you to access high-quality and healthy water which is safe and doesn’t leave any remnants on your appliances. Water filtration systems can help you achieve this.

To avoid PFOA chemicals in Warminster, PA, you must invest in a water filtration system. To get quality water for homes or businesses, you should use the best water filtration system. Kel Tren WaterCare provides water purification services in NJ; their products and services have been tried and tested solutions that many people have used throughout the years.

The water filtration system in Philadelphia works by removing contaminants through physical or chemical filtration. By using physical filtration, the system strains water such as carbon to remove any impurities. In contrast, chemical filtration involves passing water through active materials like chlorine to remove impurities chemically. Regardless of the filtration system used, the water filtration system has only one goal, to produce water free of PFOA chemicals or contaminants present in the environment.

Research reveals that compounds with their chemical composition, including PFOA, can lead to cancer. Many researchers have looked at this possibility using two main types of research.

Studies in Lab.

This lab research entails cases where animals and human cells are put into a medium using various chemicals to determine their reaction, including the possibility of tumors that are present in cancer cells or other health problems. The result from this study is a positive one, implying that it leads to various tumors, like in the testicles.

Studies in Humans.

This study involves analyzing how cancer affects people differently, and the predisposing factors. Cancer rates are compared in a group of people exposed to PFOA and a group not exposed. Studies show increased cancer rates in people exposed to PFOA than those who are not exposed.

You can ask us anything about our other water filtration services and questions concerning the water filtration system. Our team will be more than happy to provide some assistance to you.

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