Buying a home entails determining the source of water –– city, well, or both. Even if there are some pros and cons for both water sources, one thing is a must for homeowners to do: install a water filtration system.

Continue reading to know how a water filtration system can impact both city and well water.

Water Filtration For City Water

If your water is sourced from the city, it’s advisable to install a water filter all over the house. Doing so will give you and your family protection against harmful chemicals, like chlorine and chloramines. Both chemicals are a major concern for water that comes from a municipal source, as they can lead to various problems, like sickness and odor.

Additionally, city water is notorious for hard minerals, which can also cause various health complications. In this case, if you know for a fact that your water comes from the city, look for the best Philadelphia water testing company so they can install a water filter in your home.

Water Filtration For Well Water

Even if well water sometimes overlaps with city water, the main concern of the former differs slightly. But the main concern you should address is hardness materials and sediment. Additionally, iron is also present in well water. Iron can damage your pipes and affect your health. Thus, look for a company that offers a water filter capable of removing iron and other harmful chemicals.

By having a well water testing company assess your water, you’ll get filtered and pure water from your well, eliminating any health issues.

How Water Filtration Works For Both City And Well Water

Both water filtration for the city and well water work similarly, regardless of the setup. Its main setup is designed to trap and remove harmful contaminants, allowing homeowners to enjoy safe, drinkable water. The difference, on the other hand, lies in the technology and type of filters used.

Benefits Of A Water Filtration System

As you can see, it’s crucial to have a water filtration system. But to convince you further, here are the benefits you get when you invest in one.

Clean Water

As mentioned above, the purpose of a water filter is to provide the entire household with clean water, regardless of the source. By having one installed, you get to enjoy water straight from the tap!

Environmentally Friendly

Americans alone consume around 50 billion plastic water bottles annually. Plastic water bottles can be damaging to the environment. Eliminate the need to buy water bottles by drinking from home!

Reduce Plumbing Concerns

Any chemicals, minerals, and heavy metals cause corrosion, damaging your pipes. Pipe repairs can be expensive, not to mention you’ll be devoid of water for a couple of weeks. With a water filter, you’ll get to remove contaminants, prolonging your piping system.

Contact Us For Your Water Filtration Needs!

Regardless of the source of your water, you must have a water purification system. The initial cost will be a major investment as clean, purified water will safeguard the health of you and your loved ones, as well as your pipes!

Thus, if you need a water filter for either city or well water, contact us today!

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