A common line that we often say to our customers is that there is no “one size that fits all” product for water treatment solutions. Every home, building, or business has unique water running through its pipes, and there is no single solution that will solve any and all problems. You and your next door neighbor could pour 2 glasses of water from your respective kitchen faucets, and after a water test, we can find 2 entirely different problems. Fortunately, that’s where a water treatment expert comes into play. With over 35 years in the water treatment industry, Kel Tren WaterCare has seen just about everything when it comes to water problems, and we will work to find a solution that is unique to your home or business. Below is a short list of a few solutions and the products that we offer that could be used if you are seeing some of these common issues.

Water Softening

One of the most common water problems that customers will contact us for is water softening. As you may know, hard water causes a myriad of issues around your house that causes your appliances to run inefficiently, makes your skin feel dry, and leaves behind very visible calcium build up on your fixtures and sinks. All of these are reasons that you may be in need of a water softener in your house. In addition, water softeners do a great first level of filtration and gives your cleaner, better water for your whole house.

The best solution for hard water related issues is installing one of our CareSoft Water Softeners. The CareSoft line from WaterCare is the top of the line water softener on the market. You have a variety of sizes that can handle the capacity of any size home. The CareSoft unit removes mineral buildup, foul tastes, and smelly odors all while reducing hardness, and effectively improving your appliances’ performance. In addition, you have the option to add a revolutionary feature that will effectively bring your water to life – allowing you to access your water habits conveniently online or by phone app through the Wripli functionality.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water is another common solution that homeowners are looking for. Water is in the news every day, between lead in the water in Flint, Michigan and PFAS/PFOA warnings happening across the country, people want reassurance that the water their family is drinking is safe and clean. Most households will stick to drinking bottled water, or they will get a water filter that they can put in their fridge. However, bottled water can be expensive, and the plastic is bad for the environment. Pitcher filters do not live up to the hype and require you to change the filters way too frequently.

The best solution for drinking water in your home is to install a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Our ClearFlo RO system is a 5-stage water purifier that will give you bottled water quality water right to your tap. The ClearFlo freshwater solution guarantees the safe drinking water your family deserves, delivering up to 100 gallons of water per day. Using 5-stage filtration, the ClearFlo system helps remove particles and impurities, meaning only the best water makes it through your tap!

Water Filtration

Water filtration is where we can run into multiple solutions for various types of problems. Like mentioned above, depending on your water, different types of filtration may be required for your specific problem. Maybe you are seeing red stains throughout your house, on your sinks, toilets and showers, if so, that means you likely have an iron issue. If you have green stains, you may have acidic water. Maybe you are getting foul smells, like rotten egg smell in your water, then you could have sulfur problems. All of these issues require different filtration techniques, but luckily, we have solutions for these issues and many more. We know that no two homes are alike, so we offer options. Our state-of-the-art water filters are available in an array of models, making it easy to find something that works for you.

The first option would be an Ion Pro whole house water filter that handles many common issues that we see. Ion Pro filters can remove the rust stains, odor, and foul taste that are commonly associated with well water. The system uses an air chamber within the tank to oxidize dissolved contaminants into solid particles, making them easy to filter out. Each Ion Pro is customized with the proper media to handle the exact issues you may be dealing with in your home.

If you are having acidic water issues such as green stains, or pin hole leaks in your copper piping, a CareClear Pro will be the best solution for you.  Whether you suffer from water that smells, water with unwanted particles, or acidic water corroding your fixtures, there is a CareClear Pro that can bring your water back to the clear and clean water that you are looking for.

UV Treatment

Lastly, aging infrastructure in many cities in our area can lead to an increase in possible contamination, especially contamination that is undetectable without proper testing. Ultraviolet technology can give our customers peace of mind, knowing that you’re protected from many of the culprits of water contamination. A UV water purification system effectively destroys 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms and bring your water purification to the next level.

All that said, whatever problems that you are having with your water, Kel Tren WaterCare can be here to help. It’s important to contact a water professional to make sure that you have the best possible water for you and your family. With over 35 years of experience, Kel Tren WaterCare has all of the answers to your water issues. Feel free to reach out at (609) 888-0053 or visit us at KelTren.com to schedule an appointment today.

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