Do you ever think about the quality of your tap water? Most people understand water is treated to reduce contaminants that are harmful to human health. But even the water that’s delivered to your tap has microscopic particles that raise concerns. The key to quality drinking water is to use modern systems to soften, filter, and purify water.

What is in city treated water?

The Doylestown Township Municipal Authority (DTMA) operates three water systems pumped from 13 wells in the Central Bucks area. The agency states on its website that it monitors, tests, and disinfects groundwater pumped for the community. It’s important to understand how water treatment in Doylestown, PA may not be sufficient for some individuals with existing health conditions.

How to improve water quality anywhere

While municipal services do a good job removing the most harmful chemicals from community water, our water treatment system improves your water quality even further. We are one of the leading water softener companies in Bucks County, as we remove whatever harmful chemicals or particles remain in your water.

New Jersey-based Kel Tren WaterCare has been in business since 1976, servicing communities with safer and cleaner water. We’ll customize a solution for your home or office to ensure you have safe drinking water. The more people consume water from our system, the less they’ll need to spend money on bottled water. Plastic waste reduction is a positive step toward a cleaner environment.

No matter where you live, it’s possible to improve the quality of your water by implementing our system that removes harmful substances that enter the water from rusty pipes, chemical leaks and bacteria.

You need a system designed to soften water by removing magnesium and calcium, which will be easier on your hair, skin, and appliances that use water. Adding a filtering system removes carbon and other dangerous substances. Finally, you need a modern filtration system to treat any specific contaminants in your water.


It’s understandable if you worry about what’s in your tap water. You will feel much more comfortable knowing your water is safe and clean when you take further protective steps. Contact us at Kel Tren WaterCare for more information on improving the quality of your water.

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