Does Your Water Leave Rust Colored Stains on Faucets & Appliances?

Whole house water filtering systems are an environmentally friendly solution to the stains and odors caused by iron, sulfur and an array of other water problems. These systems use a combination of an air chamber and water filtration media to remove contaminants and drastically improve water quality without the use of salt or chemicals.

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An economic and efficient solution to many common water problems, the Ion Pro and CareClear Pro water filtration systems are among our best sellers.

The Kel Tren WaterCare team is well acquainted with the common issues and best solutions for the array of water problems affecting Central New Jersey and South Eastern Pennsylvania.

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Best Water Filtration Systems in Bucks County & New Jersey

The water you drink regularly will not only impact your health but can also influence the longevity of your water fixtures and appliances. Water containing high levels of metals or minerals can cause rust and stains to develop on your faucets and appliances, resulting in wearing.

This is one of the reasons why—aside from making sure that your home has access to clean water—you also have to consider water quality. Ideally, you should invest in solutions that allow you to access high-quality water that is safe and doesn’t leave any residue on your fixtures and appliances. This is something that our water filtration systems can help you with.

At Kel Tren WaterCare, we pride ourselves on providing the best water filtration systems to individuals living in different areas of New Jersey, Central Jersey, and Bucks County. Our water filtration products and services are tried and tested solutions that have been used by countless individuals throughout the years.

What Do Water Filters Do?

A water filter is a need in many households to ensure that you and your family are consuming clean drinking water. Our water filter installations are cost-effective while providing higher quality water for your home and family.

Remove Contaminants

A water filter works by removing contaminants through physical and chemical filtration. Through physical filtration, water filtration systems strain water such as carbon, to remove large impurities, while chemical filtration involves passing water through an active material such as chlorine to remove impurities chemically. Regardless of the filtration system used, water filtration has one end goal: to produce cleaner water free from any chemicals or contaminants present in the environment. 

Improve Water Quality Without Using Salt or Chemicals

Health issues concerning PFOA chemicals in Warminster, Central Jersey, Bucks County, or other NJ areas make having any water filtration at home essential.

By investing in a high-quality water filtration system, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home won’t have the same problem. Using water filtration at home is one of the most effective solutions for ensuring that your household will only use and drink the best water.

Our water filtration effectively removes harsh chemicals and dangerous contaminants. Water filtration systems in Philadelphia and NJ help water taste better, reduce tap water odor, and keep you healthier.

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Interested in Learning More?

If you’re living in Central Jersey, Bucks County, or other New Jersey areas and want to have access to the cleanest water, invest in a high-quality water filter. You’ll be surprised how a water filtration system can improve your quality of life.

For questions concerning water filtration and water filtration systems, contact us today! Our team at Kel Tren WaterCare has been serving residents in Central Jersey, Bucks County, and other NJ areas, and we’ll be happy to provide the same to you!