Water Softening in Philadelphia

Kel Tren WaterCare offers the best water softener installation and repair services in Philadelphia. We also extend our water softener installation in NJ to serve clients in neighboring areas. Our water softening services incorporate the best practices to remove any hardness directly from your water.

Water Softener Installation & Repair Services in Philadelphia

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Water softener installation and repair require professional services to effectively get rid of water hardness in your home or office. At Kel Tren WaterCare, have been in the water treatment industry for over 35 years. From water softening services in Philadelphia to salt delivery in Bucks County, we offer a wide range of solutions to correct any water issue.

As the best water softening providers in Philadelphia, we guarantee complete installation in one day. 

If your existing water softening system needs repair, our experienced water quality experts will promptly fix your water systems just as quickly.

Get Cleaner & Softer Water in Philadelphia

Kel Tren WaterCare water treatment services are available to residential and commercial buildings in Philadelphia and neighboring areas. Our water softener solutions ensure that your home or business institution only provides clean and soft water. With our prompt water softener installation services, you can rest assured that clean water will run through your property in no time.

We install effective water softeners in your water systems to ensure that only clean and soft water runs through your residential or commercial property. Soft water comes from treated hard water, which is only harsh because of excess minerals.

If you live in any areas we serve, your water source may contain high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. Our prompt services can strip your water source of these harsh minerals and produce cleaner and softer water. With clean and soft water running through your pipes, you can rest assured that you have potable water for your family or guest’s safety.

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On top of safety, clean and soft water protects your machines that use water. Hard water can damage your appliances, which may end up costing more for repair. Install a water softening system in your residential or commercial property to ensure your appliances last.

What Can Water Hardness Affect?

Hard water can be effective for removing soap from your laundry, but it may damage your machine in the process. Excess calcium and magnesium in water may cause scale buildup in your washing machine. Scale buildup in washing machines clogs the inner workings where water passes, causing significant, irreparable damage.
Dishwashers are other water-consuming appliances that risk scale buildup. Excess calcium and mineral deposits in your dishwasher may affect your family’s health when you use the same dishes for eating.
When hard water inevitably damages your water heater, it may leak all over your floor and cause water damage to your home. The scale buildup in water heaters causes problems with plumbing, making repair difficult and costly.
While hard water can quickly remove soap from your clothes when doing laundry, constant exposure to highly mineralized water will stiffen the threads. Hard water is especially damaging to silk-screen printed clothes, making them fade or bleed with constant use.
Every corner of your home or office building where water pipes run is at risk of hard water damage. Call us today and book our water softener services to prevent unnecessary damage.