Did you know water containing a vast amount of magnesium and calcium salts is characterized as hard water? Hard water has many negative effects on the household like damaging appliances and is a major cause of skin and hair dryness.

To turn help with eliminating the consequences of the contaminated water, invest in a water softener in Philadelphia.

1. Water Softening System

A water softener aims to completely eliminate — or at least reduce — water hardness. This is achieved through the exchange of ions, which is fulfilled in the system. One can liken a water softening system to an entity that possesses both a heart and brain.

The heart of a water softening system is the mineral tank. This tank — which is often made out of fiberglass — is a pressure vessel that aims to replace magnesium and calcium ions to sodium ions. On the other hand, the brain of a water softening system is the control valve, sometimes referred to as the softener head. The softener head assesses when to regenerate hard water to soft water, ensuring the availability of the latter.

2. Salt as a Softening Product

As hinted above, a water softening system requires an agent to transform hard water into safer water. Most water softening systems use these types of salts to soften hard water:

Rock Salt
Evaporated Salt
Solar Salt

The type of salt you should put in your water softening system depends on three factors like:

How much salt are you willing to use, the softener’s model, and the manufacturer’s suggestion concerning how often you should clean the water softener.

Moreover, most water softening systems allow you to mix two or all types of salt, but some systems will require you to use a specific softening product.

3. Acquire Better Hair, Skin, and Long-lasting Appliances via Soft Water

Once the system is installed, it is now safe to assume that you will no longer be susceptible to the negative effects of hard water. A water softener helps users save money by eliminating the need to prematurely replace damaged water heaters and faucets due to mineral build-ups caused by hard water. Additionally, homeowners who invest in this life-saving equipment will be assured that they have safe drinking and bathing water, improving their skin and hair.

Invest in a Water Softening System Now!

Clearly, there are many benefits to hiring a company for a water softener installation in NJ. Fortunately, Kel Tren Water Care is a reliable company that is glad to install a water softening system in your home. Reach out to our professionals, and you can enjoy the benefits of safe water for years to come!

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