Kel Tren WaterCare carries the complete line of WaterCare® products suitable for treatment of any and all water conditioning needs.

CareClear Pro

CareClear Pro water filters can neutralize acidic water, eliminate chlorine taste and odor, or even remove uncommon nuisance particles from your home’s water. You can rest assured that there is a filter with the solution for your household’s water problems.

CareSoft Pro

Unwanted minerals and hardness will be a thing of the past with the CareSoft Pro system. It is specially designed for your lifestyle using less water and less salt, but performing with maximum efficiency automatically.

Ion Pro

The secret behind Ion Pro filtration systems is combining a unique air chamber with a specialized filtration media which will put an end to rust colored stains from iron.

Clear Flo

Clear Flo® Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems ensure healthier, fresher water every time you turn on the faucet. These RO systems filter particles and impurities, even those not visible to the eye – from heavy metals to fluoride, chlorine and large suspended particles.

Product Guide

Kel Tren of Hamilton NJ is a WQA certified WaterCare dealer offering a full line of quality water treatment equipment to correct virtually any water problem. We individualize water softening and filtration systems to offer the most efficient solutions and highest quality of water for your family or business.