With recent events, we have certainly become more aware of the essentially parts of our lives. Just about everybody’s routine has been disturbed in some way. Going to the grocery store become a challenge, money got a little tighter, and going to work became an impossibility for most. In these trying time, we notice more-so the things that are temporarily unavailable. However, we also see the things that remain running throughout, the pieces of our lives that are essential to keep things going.

One of those essentials is the quality of your home’s water, something you rely on every single day, even more so when you are spending more time in your home. You need your water to work hard for you and your family, to wash clothes, prepare food, and to clean and disinfect. Water is essential to life, there is no doubt about that.  Now, more than ever, you must have access to high-quality water in your home. Whether you’re only now just considering looking into some water treatment options for your household or if you’ve had equipment installed for years, it’s beneficial to remind ourselves of the real advantages that water treatment can bring to our homes.

Clean water is vital to your health for drinking, showering, and cooking your food. Most people today drink chlorine-treated water that still contains many harmful chemicals and other contaminants.  The contaminants that you may encounter depends on several factors, including where you live in the country, where your water supply comes from (municipal or private well), and what kind of plumbing fixtures you have throughout your home. The effects of some contaminants are somewhat mild, affecting the taste and color of your water, like tannins, while others have more severe implications for health and wellbeing, like lead and arsenic.

The answer to all of these questions and contaminants is to put the filtration into your own hands, whether it is a water softener, water purifier or a reverse osmosis drinking water system, it’s important to know how your water is being filtered.

There are plenty of advantages to have a professionally installed water filtration system in your home. Depending on whether you are on city or well water, the treatment may be slightly different. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most common forms of water filtration.

Water Softener: Softeners are certainly the miracle workers in the water treatment industry. A water softener is one of the best filters that every home should have. In this filter system, positively-charged ions are used to attract negatively-charged ions that are harmful, such as barium and calcium. A water softener uses a selective resin that can take care of a multitude of issues such as hard water, iron, manganese, and other heavy metals.

Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems or RO systems are considered the most effective home water filtration system. An RO system will give you bottled quality water directly from your kitchen sink or fridge dispenser. Nearly all harmful contaminants are effectively filtered out with this system. The downside to a reverse osmosis system is that the output is not generally very high. Our ClearFlo Osmosis system can generate 100 gallons of water per day, enough for drinking water, but not enough for all household water uses.

Carbon Filtration: Carbon systems are one of the most common and the least expensive among the many types of water filters. Carbon is what is used in many of the refrigerator filters, and other types of home filtration systems. This can be a whole house solution to you better, cleaner and more pure water throughout your entire house.

On a city water situation, we recommend the use of all three of these filtration systems. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you. With a special split tank design, the CareSoft Pro RC® provides double the efficiency, effectively combining the power of a treatment system into a single tank. Our CareSoft Pro RC combines a water softener and carbon filtration system into one tank. We recommend pairing our CareSoft RC with a the ClearFlo Reverse Osmosis system, to give you some of the best quality water imaginable. The combination of these 3 types of filters will ensure the safety and purity of your water for years to come.

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