Did you hear about this week’s most recent Boil Water Advisory in our area? If this is news to you, Trenton Water Works released a notice late last week advising its residents to boil all water in their homes as the chlorination levels were too low to disinfect the water for thousands of homeowners. Sadly, this isn’t the first time that municipalities in our area have had issues with their filtration process. Late last year, Pennsylvania American Water, released a similar notice to residents of Yardley, PA due to high turbidity issues.

Maybe you are wondering what you can do as a homeowner to be the last line of defense of your own water, and not leave it in the hands of your municipalities. Municipalities like Trenton Water Works do a great job of providing quality water to thousands of people, but once the water leave their facility, there is no guarantee that the water that enters your home is to the quality that you expect for your family. We are here to explain to you how you can take the matter into your own hands and make sure that your family always has safe, clean water to drink and use.

What was the problem with the water coming from Trenton Water Works?

As mentioned earlier, water providers typically do a great job of providing a certain level of quality water to your home, however, at times, their equipment may fail or not do the job that it’s supposed to do. That’s exactly what happened last week at the Trenton Water Works facility. Their chlorination process was not substantial enough to properly disinfect the water, opening up the possibility of microorganisms appearing in the water.

Sadly, this issue is not entirely isolated, Trenton Water Works generated 13 violations last year and 11 violations in 2017, the worst performing years on record for the public water system. Even as they clear the issues related to this specific advisory, it would still be wise to have a private filtration system to ensure that you never have anything to worry about with the water for your family.

Does Kel Tren WaterCare have solutions for this problem?

YES! Kel Tren offers an incredibly wide range of products and filtration solutions for this specific problem and many others to ensure your home can still be safe and confident in the quality of your water. No matter the problem, Kel Tren has filtration systems to handle just about anything that COULD be in your water. Whether it’s carbon filtration, disinfection systems, or reverse osmosis Kel Tren has a wide range of products to make sure you never have to solely rely on the water coming from the city.

In this instance, due to the lack of chlorination from the city, we recommend that households have an Ultra Violet filtration system to kill the microorganisms for your entire household. After the ultra violet light, we would also recommend a reverse osmosis drinking water system. The combination of these two systems would give you the confidence that the water in your home is safe and not left in the hands of inadequate filtration from the city.

Lastly, a great filtration system for city water situations is our CareSoft Pro RC unit. This is a combination carbon filtration, and water softener system to give a great first line of defense to take care of the water for your home. Carbon does a great job of filtering smells, and contaminants out of your water and the water softener takes care of all hardness, and other metals that may be in your water.

What should I do now?

If you are not confident in the level of filtration that a municipality is providing, then please give us a call! We can offer solutions to make sure that no matter the shortcomings of a municipality, you can be confident in the water in your home. Give us a call and we will give filtration recommendation so that the next time a town in our area releases a boil water advisory, or a lead notice, you can still go on as if nothing changed.

Additionally, If you already have one of our filtration systems installed, now would be a great time for us to come out and make sure the system is up to date. Now is the time to make sure your UV bulbs have been changed, carbon, and other filtration media is refreshed, and nothing is contaminated in your system. Give us a call and schedule service on your system to be sure that everything is working!

If you are sick of not having any back up filtration and don’t want to leave your family’s safety in the hands of the city, give us a call today to install a last line of defense for your home!

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